Plant of Life CBD Jelly 22% Amnesia Haze (1g)

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Brand: Plant of life


A Classic That Never Fails
When it comes to CBD extracts, there are oils, solid blocks, and of course… jellies! A CBD Jelly made with 22% of the world-famous Amnesia Haze – the perfect product to get your customer's attention.

Amnesia Haze is one of the best hemp varieties of our day. It's so amazing and popular among cannabis fanatics, that it's won a host of international awards. Rich in CBD, but without THC – meaning it has no psychoactive effects.

The most powerful Jellies they've ever tasted…
It's not difficult to find scientific studies talking about the incredible benefits of CBD for memory, so purchase our wholesale Plant of Life CBD Jelly 22% Amnesia Haze, to offer your customers a product that's not only heavily appreciated by cannabis fanatics but also has a tremendous potential positive effect on the mind. With its high CBD content of 22%, Plant of Life's CBD Jelly is a powerful resin for your customers. Added to the potential memory benefits, it is already known that CBD, potentially, reduces stress and anxiety and stimulates the brain. No matter the season, Amnesia Haze 22% CBD resin will always be a top-seller product in your store.

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