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CBD Platform conducts scientific research into the use and effect of CBD

The positive effects of cannabis

Although there is still plenty of research into cannabis and its effects, according to the Office for Medicinal Cannabis, some conclusions can already be drawn. The Office of Medicinal Cannabis is a government organization responsible for the production process of medicinal cannabis.


Marijuana consumers have a significantly reduced risk of cognitive decline

Marijuana consumers have a significantly reduced risk of cognitive decline

Are you curious how your mind stays sharp? Recent research shows that...

What exactly is CBD cosmetics and what are the benefits?

What exactly is CBD cosmetics?

What exactly is CBD cosmetics?

Have you ever wondered why CBD cosmetics have become so popular in the world of...

CBD oil for pets

CBD oil benefits for pets

What has been scientifically proven when it comes to CBD oil for pets? The use of CBD...

Skin care products containing CBD

CBD cosmetics: Skin care products containing CBD

Whether it concerns chocolate, cocktails, candles or clothing, CBD is everywhere and in...

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    Warning: The use of CBD oil is not recommended during pregnancy.

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