Happease Extracts Strawberry Field Terpsolate 97% CBD + Terpenes (1g)

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The sticky point of the Strawberry Field Terpsolate is the presence of a unique terpenes profile. It is a diamond in which the terpenes work together in a synergistic manner. Each terpene in this Phyto-complex was chosen after a careful examination of its scent. When creating this diamond in the rough, the aromatic components are individually injected to generate a potent combination.
Its color, aroma, and shape are due to the special extraction process. Thanks to Happease's complete preparation procedure, there are no chemicals, thinners, or solvents allowed in the Terpsolate.

This product is keen on providing the Strawberry Field experience for people who have never experienced the excitement of meandering through a strawberry field. This sweet hybrid combines the qualities of Strawberry Bubblegum and Ghost OG varietals to create a unique product.

All this makes the Strawberry Field Terpsolate a great product to add to your range. Purchase our wholesale Happease Extracts Strawberry Field Terpsolate 97% CBD + Terpenes (1g) to give your customers tremendous pleasure, and quality, wrapped in a unique CBD concentrate.

Profile Of Terpenes:
Terpenes alter the senses of smell. Adding them to a product improves and enhances the scent and flavor for the consumer. The terpene limonene is the most abundant in our Strawberry field formula. It is characterized by a wide range of citrus aromas, including Citrus peel, juniper, and peppermint. To add to the pleasure, Simply Green will let you offer this extraordinary product to your customers at great wholesale premium prices. Shop with us today!

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