Cannabis Bakehouse CBD Brownies 5mg (40pcs/box)

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Brand: Cannabis Bakehouse
THC free
40 pieces/pack


Think About Cannabis
Hash brownies are very profitable and long-lasting for your business. You are guaranteed to have returning customers since they are the first things that come to mind when cannabis edibles are mentioned. They are THC-free and contain 5mg of high-quality CBD. So, your customers will love CBD brownies anywhere and at any time.

Think About Hash Brownies
Since the 1950s, the brownie has been a favorite treat for apparent reasons. For starters, its portability offers the ultimate solution for customers looking to enjoy edibles whenever, wherever. Also, Cannabis Bakehouse has revolutionized the humble pot brownie, now using 100% natural ingredients and a unique blend of CBD and terpenes. This blend offers consumers the maximum benefits of the hemp or cannabis plant's herbal properties.According to research, CBD offers potential positive medical benefits. That is why these brownies have potential properties such as boosting the immune system, rejuvenating bodily functions, and improving general mood. Delightful, great value and in-demand, each box contains 40 individually packaged brownies. Add our wholesale Cannabis Bakehouse CBD brownies to your shopping cart today to expand your range of CBD edibles.

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Weight 3,179 kg
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40 pieces/pack



40x30x10 cm


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