Plant of Life CBD Jelly 22% Purple Haze (1g)

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Brand: Plant of life


Say yes to Purple Haze Jellies
When your customers find out you have gotten the wholesale Plant of Life CBD Jelly 22% Purple Haze, you might have to keep them from grabbing it all up in a day.
With its earthy, berry-like aroma, the original purple haze strain is known for its euphoric, stimulating effect. Researchers discover CBD properties on mood and depression, so this CBD is ideal for potentially handling anxiety, stress, depression, and fatigue. Based on the research, this purple haze jelly could unlock the creative centers of anyone who buy it.

Your customers will enjoy kicking back to this jelly extract's musky aromas.

A Lot of Potential Benefits in a Small Package
Apart from the previous potential benefits of CBD, there are also studies about the benefits of CBD in the nervous system. For that reason, the 22% CBD in this jelly extract has potentially significant health benefits for your clients. Offer wholesale Plant of Life CBD Jelly 22% Purple Haze to your customers and they will be grateful!

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