Cannabis Bakehouse CBD Cubes Bubblegum 5mg

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Brand: Cannabis Bakehouse
THC free

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The innovative chefs from Cannabis Bakehouse continue to expand their range of premium cannabis edibles, with the addition of these sugar free, CBD bubblegum candy cubes. Each satisfyingly sweet bubblegum flavored candy weed cube contains a 5mg dose of the finest quality, full spectrum CBD and no THC, all whilst offering a great margin.

  • Premium CBD cubes
  • Each candy cube contains 5mg of full spectrum CBD
  • Fruity flavoursome taste
  • Sugar-free
  • THC free (won't get you 'high')

These bubblegum CBD candy cubes are an extremely versatile and delicious product.

With no THC, you can enjoy these yummy sugar free candies anytime of day or night, with no adverse psychoactive effects. The 5mg dosage of full spectrum CBD per each candy cube allows users to confidently manage their CBD consumption depending on the numbers of cubes they eat. The pocket sized circular 7cm diameter tub is also a benefit – it means these tasty candies can be stashed away easily when they are not being enjoyed.

Order now to add this tub of scrumptiously sweet cannabis bakehouse CBD cubes to your range of CBD edibles.

Benefits of full spectrum CBD
Cannabis Bakehouse uses a full spectrum CBD, rather than an isolated CBD in these weed candy cubes. This means that the benefits of the consumed CBD are maximized due to the presence of the rest of the cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids that are naturally produced in the plant.

This combination can produce what is referred to within scientific circles as 'the entourage effect', giving you the full beneficial effects of the herb in every flavor packed piece of candy.

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