Plant of Life 7% – 8% CBG Infusion Tea Mint (20g)

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Brand: Plant of life
THC free

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Refreshment In Every Pack
Pleasure and refreshment in a cup of tea are what infusion tea from the plant of life offers. Made by blending equal amounts of hemp aromatic extracts and eco mint, the pleasure and refreshment your customers derive from every sip are unparalleled. Hemp extracts carefully blended with mint flavor are enjoyable and an antioxidant. Mint extracts are always refreshing and keep your customers' dental system fresh. A refreshing sensation and soothing effect on your customer's muscles is an irresistible experience and will keep your customers coming for more. Mint clears nasal cavities and sinuses leaving users alert and clear-headed, fit for a productive day. Order wholesale Plant of Life 7% – 8% CBG Infusion Tea Mint and watch your profit margin grow.

A Classic And Portable Attractive Pack
The sleek white and green pack makes your customers' experience a classic touch as they move around with a pack for their occasional drink. The tea bags are porous and dissipate the content to your customer's cup of hot water fast, without losing quality. None of your buyers want to miss the exceptional experience, ensure you purchase enough packs of wholesale Plant of Life 7% – 8% CBG Infusion Tea Mint for your regular and new customers.

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