Cannabis Bakehouse CBD Brownies 15mg (40pcs/box)

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Brand: Cannabis Bakehouse
THC free
40 pieces/pack


The Long-Awaited CBD Brownies Have Arrived
An interesting mix of chocolate and cannabis will leave your shelves empty in no time when you put these signature brownies in them. If you are looking for the right aroma to excite your clients and leave them coming back for more, this is the right product for you.They have been packaged individually to keep them in a fresh state and make them readily available for any time. The cannabis bakehouse CBD brownies contain 15 mg of CBD and are completely THC-free. Your clients will not have to worry about any psychoactive effects. These brownies are expertly made from the best quality terpenes hand-picked by experts.

Get Our Wholesale Cannabis Bakehouse CBD Brownies
When you purchase this package, you get 100% natural ingredients, a divine chocolate aroma, completely THC-free brownies, and flexible availability in both 5mg and 10mg packs. Don't sleep on these wholesale cannabis bakehouse CBD brownies. It is everything you need in a brownie and much more. Waste no further time, place your order now.

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Weight 3,179 kg
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40 pieces/pack



40x30x10 cm


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