Plant of Life CBD Solid 10% Mango Kush (1g)

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Brand: Plant of life


A New Experience With A Touch Of Mango Kush
The wholesale Plant of Life CBD Solid 10% Mango Kush is made of natural ingredients right from hemp trees. The fruity, flavorful CBD solid contains hemp juice and terpenes carefully extracted from stems. The extracts are carbon dioxide extracted from plants which enrich and preserve the taste.

Plant of life does a series of chemical analyzes on each extract to ensure they are safe before blending them into a fruity solid. Kush is added to give the solid a spicy, earthy flavor and according to research, this product can potentially accentuate the sensual effect for your customers. This product is THC-free and what that means is CBD mango kush has all the benefits of CBD, with no psychotic effects. The certified lab results of the content of mango kush and the percentage of THC which is 0 increase the authenticity of the product.

Prepared And Packaged By A Top Brand
CBD mango kush solid is carefully prepared and packaged by Plant of Life, a renowned company. Its popularity among users will boost your sales. The attractive yet discreet package, with 1g content in each pack attractively wrapped sends your regular users thirsty. And new users are drawn by the neat attractive wrap, to want to give it a try,

You need enough content on your shelves to meet the needs of regular users. Purchase wholesale plant of life CBD solid 10% mango kush 1g from simply green and get value for your money. Our prices are friendly and quality is guaranteed because we only deal with the best.

Ingredients: Hemp extracts, 10% CBD, Terpenes

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