Enecta CBDay Plus 15% Intense CBD Oil (10ml)

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Wholesale Enecta CBDay Plus 15% Intense CBD Oil
One of the benefits of Wholesale Enecta CBDay Plus 15% Intense CBD Oil is that it has been formulated to potentially naturally help to manage anxiety. CBDay Plus will relax the body and mind and help to come up with a plan when panic attacks strike. This CBD oil is formulated with a special CBD content of 15% and a unique set of cannabinoids. Enecta extracts 15% of their CBDay Plus from Enectaliana®, Enecta's unique hemp strain. This is the first company to have developed a hemp strain for CBD extraction, which means you get the best in quality and features.

One of the goals of this strain was to extract cannabinoids and terpenes that are known for their anxiolytic properties. Enecta wanted to develop a product that could have a significant impact on those who suffer from anxiety. This 1500 mg CBD oil is a potent natural anxiolytic which doesn't contain any of the side effects typical of other anxiety medications. It contains exactly the right amount of active ingredients to provide relief from severe anxiety disorders in a natural way. CBD is partnered with terpenes and other cannabinoids in order to produce a synergistic interplay. This effect is known as the entourage effect.

Enecta uses an independent third-party lab to test all their organic hemp products, including CBDay Plus 15%. That way they could guarantee reliability, safety, and transparency. Enectalina is a unique cannabis plant. Enecta developed it expressly to keep users relaxed, happy and free from anxiety. The supply chain is short, sustainable, and begins with Enecta's fields. This allows them to offer users high-quality products at an ethical and accessible price.

MCT oil (from coconut oil), hemp extract (canabidiol 15%)

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