A Skin Nourishing Cream
This wholesale CBD Sport Foot Cream 190mg CBD Vegang of broad-spectrum cannabidiol to relax and mend worn-out feet. Carefully made from the finest CBD extract from the hemp tree blended with camphor, menthol, aloe vera, and high-quality oils and butter, the cream comes with a ton of benefits.

The protein-rich CBD content relaxes the foot muscles, clears inflammation, and mends cracked skin around the feet. The camphor and menthol extracts send an invigorating sensation as it penetrates the skin pores. Findings from scientific research show that aloe vera is anti-bacterial and keeps the skin radiant and moisturized. Ideally, this is the best cream for any customer looking for a cream that keeps feet healthy.

Fast Absorbing Formula To Refresh And Cool Feet
Every ingredient in sports foot cream undergoes extensive analysis before use. That is why this high-quality product penetrates the skin pores on the feet to cause instant refreshment and cooling. The end result is relaxed, refreshed, and moisturized skin, an experience your customers will love. CBD Sport is known for the quality products it supplies. Before blending the ingredients, the company runs the hemp extract through a series of tests and involves a third-party lab. The company sources its hemp extracts from hemp trees grown in the United States. Their products are strictly vegan and have no traces of animal products.

The THC content in this product is less than 0% and therefore not psychoactive.

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