Plant of Life CBD Oil with Coconut MCT Oil 10% (10ml)

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Brand: Plant of life


Full Spectrum Goodness For Your Customers
Wholesale Plant of Life CBD Oil with Coconut MCT Oil 10% is a full-spectrum CBD oil extracted using CO2 extraction method which helps it to retain all the essential nutrients and ensure refined quality. With a 10% CBD concentration, this oil is suitable for use by both beginner users and the more experienced connoisseurs, giving you a wide range of customers to sell to.

This high-quality cannabis oil combines coconut MCT oil as the base, to give your customers an experience to remember. Based on research, CBD oil is known for its ability to fight and manage various diseases and health complications such as:

treatment of epilepsy syndromes
helps improve memory
relieves excruciating pain
helps reduce anxiety and sleep problems
A Packaging That Preserves Quality
Wholesale Plant of Life CBD Oil with Coconut MCT Oil 10% is packaged in opaque bottles to protect its content against light and oxidation sources. This product is sure to delight your customers because it contains no additives or synthetic ingredients, and it contains zero THC.

CBD hemp oil contains many natural minerals that can be beneficial to the body, such as potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc, calcium, phosphorus, and many other micro elements that will ensure the proper functioning of the immune system. CBD oils are additionally enriched with terpenes, which is a compound naturally occurring in hemp that is responsible for the aroma and the “entourage” effect. In combination with CBD, they create synergies. Terpenes enhance the effects of CBD and facilitate its absorption into the body.

MCT oil is distilled from coconut oil. MCT Oil is a healthy alternative to other oils on the market. With its nutritious fats, MCTS are absorbed and burned more quickly to give your customers the energy that they need throughout the day.

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