Lab Tested to Deliver Quality Wholesale Oil
Enecta is a quality hemp extract with 3% CBD. It is ideal for CBD users looking for a premium cannabidiol product at an affordable cost. Wholesale Enecta 3% CBD oil is carefully drawn from hemp plants grown in Italy. The plants are grown organically to keep them free of herbicides, which may poison the oil, this ensures the extracts are purely hemp oil and natural terpenes. After extraction, the oil is tested for THC level before packaging it in 10ml bottles.Studies confirm the benefits of CBD in elevating mood and reducing anxiety and fear, said that we could say that this product is ideal for refreshing and energizing the body at any time of the day.

Ideal For Your Customers
This product is easy to use, and as commented before, its potential benefits are contrasted by previous studies. The ease of carrying and using makes it popular among users. This 3% of CBD is ideal for beginners who can also use small amounts of the oil and experience the potential benefits, plus the pack is small and discreet. Free of THC. Simply Green supplies wholesale Enecta 3% CBD Oil 300mg to retailers across the world.

Cold-pressed hemp seed oil, Cannabidiol, Terpenes, vitamin E, Natural occurring hemp molecules

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