Plant of Life CBD Oil with Coconut MCT Oil 6% (10ml)

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Brand: Plant of life


Double The Goodness, Double The Benefits
The wholesale Plant of Life CBD Oil with Coconut MCT Oil 6% is a full-spectrum CBD product made from the finest quality hemp oil using CO2 extraction method to preserve all the potential health benefits in it.

Coconut MCT oil is high in fatty acids, which make up more than half of its composition, and is extremely beneficial because they have been shown to kill harmful microorganisms to boost skin health.

The oil is enriched with 6% CBD for extra potential health benefits. Research has shown that CBD possesses nutrients that are potentially helpful for relieving anxiety, and stress and helping your customers ease into a calm, productive day.

Give Your Customers The Best Of Both Worlds
Other potential benefits, based on the previous study, of combining CBD with MCT oil include:

Improved brain and memory function
This product could be a great benefit in terms of brain and memory function, as well as other potential benefits for those suffering from Alzheimer's disease.
Increased endurance and energy
Loss of weight and better weight management
Aids in the reduction of cholesterol
Reduces blood sugar level
There are no additives or synthetic ingredients in this product. The wholesale Plant of Life CBD Oil with Coconut MCT Oil 6% contains zero THC which means your customers can enjoy the product without any narcotic effect and all the benefits of full-spectrum CBD. Plant of life takes pride in making sure that its products are made from the finest natural products for top customer satisfaction. If customer satisfaction is the goal for you, then here's a product to add to your shopping cart.

6% CBD, Medium-chain triglyceride oil (MCT), 0.2% THC, Coconut oil

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