A Chemical Free Quality Product for CBD Users
Wholesale Pharma Hemp Golden Amber 50% CBD Paste is made from an organically grown cannabis plant. The paste produced through CO2 extraction is rich in full-spectrum CBD and other hemp-derived cannabinoids. A blend of pure plant extracts to a smooth paste yields your vegan customers a chemical-free product. The hemp trees from which the extracts are drawn are grown organically to keep chemicals at bay. And before blending the extracts into a fine paste, they are lab tested and analyzed to guarantee the best quality.

A CBD Rich Paste From Natural Ingredients
All ingredients used are natural in Wholesale Pharma Hemp Golden Amber 50% CBD Paste, no artificial flavor or color is added. The earthy scented product enriched with terpenes offers a perfect way for your customers to enjoy CBD in its purest form. None of your customers wants to miss the spicy aroma and a calming sensation on the nerves.

This product will leave your shelf in a minute because:

Customers want to enjoy its therapeutic benefits
It is THC-free and therefore non-narcotic
Customers can move around with a pack in their bags because it is portable
Its classic package adds a touch of class to your customers
Industrial hemp
Coconut oil
shea butter
cocoa butter
CBD oil
Made by blending the ingredients in the perfect ratio, this golden amber paste has proven microbiological adequacy according to scientific research. There are no parabens in this product.

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