MediCBD Green Tea THC Free 7.5mg CBD (10packs/display)

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Brand: MediCBD
THC free
10 pieces/pack


A Stress Relieving Tea
Purchase wholesale MediCBD Green Tea THC Free. Did you know that researchers have tested and confirmed the incredible benefits of CBD? so you can offer your customers pain relief and optimal relaxation. Made in Amsterdam by blending the finest green tea with hemp juice, this delicious beverage soothes your customers' nerves after a long day to a peaceful sleep. The calming effects of this tea will keep customers coming for more.

Packed in an attractive medium pack, this pain-relieving tea is portable and your customers can travel with a pack in their purses comfortably -ensuring they get what they love anytime. This means customers will always come for more from your store if they can use and quickly finish your products. Besides, life is hard, everyone will love a cup to soothe their nerves to rest every day!

THC Free and in an Attractive Pack
The attractive white and green pack draws customers' attention and entices them to buy some bags. These natural porous tea bags enhance robust dissipation of the essential contents giving your customers instant relaxation. None of your customers will want to miss their daily cup of tea after a long day, to send them to rest free of anxiety.

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10 pieces/pack



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