Maximum Performance In A 15ml Bottle
Did you know that researchers have tested and confirmed the incredible benefits of CBD? Let your customers experience different potential benefits of calm, focus, and balance with our wholesale Harmony Citrus CBD Spray. It is a delicious, citrus-flavored CBD oil with a precise dosage that will guarantee your customers maximum performance at any time of the day. This broad-spectrum hemp oil contains CBD and CBG and other cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. And it is also available in a more potent dosage of 1500mg and a milder dosage of 150mg for your customers still pacing themselves.

The wholesale Harmony Citrus CBD Spray 500mg bottle and easy to use any time of the day, helping your customers stay cool, calm, and focused. Perfect for any situation, the Harmony Citrus CBD Spray contains absolutely NO Tetrahydrocannabidiol (THC), so there is no narcotic side effect.

Get Your Citrus-Flavored Bottles Of Benefits
To assure your customers and increase their confidence, each bottle of oil has a QR code, which directs to the analysis carried out by an independent laboratory, thus certifying its composition and absence of THC. So they can rest assured of no psychoactive or narcotic effects.

The delicious citrus flavor provides that relaxing feeling as they go about their duties. The CBD spray is also available in other flavors like the Natural and Mint flavors.

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