Green Life Organic Hemp Relax Tea 30g (25bags/box)

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Brand: green life
THC free

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A Great Brew For Your Cannabis-Loving Customers
Give your customers a great treat with wholesale Green Life Organic Hemp Relax Tea made from 100% organic hemp. The tea's rich taste and aroma will make your hemp-loving customers fall in love with it instantly, and they will keep coming back for more! Green Life Organic Hemp Relax Tea does not contain THC, the main psychoactive ingredient in cannabis responsible for producing the high effect, so your customers can easily incorporate it into their day-to-day routine and enjoy all the benefits of cannabis flavors such as relief from stress. This tea is a quick seller!

Attractive Packaging To Make Customers Stop and Consider
The Green Life Organic Hemp Relax Tea comes in a colorful box easy to store on the shelf and is attractive to customers to make them stop and stare as they go about their shopping. MyCBD's manufacturing process is 100% organic so you can guarantee your customers that all toxins have been eradicated, The quality of the tea is top-notch and with a good wholesale price, you have yourself a quick-selling product. Stock up now and boost your sales!

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