Dr. Kent Tired Legs CBD Cream 550mg (100ml)

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Brand: Dr. Knows


Get Rid Of Sore Muscles With This Unique Cream
Sore and torn muscles from workouts or strenuous daily activities can be a pain to deal with. They can get so bad that one's movements can be limited, activities will be canceled, and they could easily get into a foul and depressed mood. For most athletes, this even interrupts their workout sessions. Thankfully, a healthy and all-around remedy to this has been formulated. Dr. Kent's Tired Legs CBD Cream offers long-lasting therapeutic care, aiding with quick pain relief for improved muscle movement. This offers comfort for leg movement, recharging sore legs for optimum performance.

Formulated From A Secret Ingredient With Many Benefits
CBD, the secret ingredient of this cream, has been proven by research to serve multiple purposes in the healing and regeneration of muscles. Cultured from the best hemp plants, our full-spectrum CBD extract is rich in CBG, terpenes, flavonoids, and other vital phytocannabinoids. Studies corroborate that the combination of these varying compounds is essential to increase the potential health benefits of the cream. Your customers will be getting a lot of benefits from just one cream. Dr. Kent's Tired Legs CBD Cream is ideal for relieving tension from sore leg muscles, offering all-around protection even to the skin tissues.

With Dr. Kent's Tired Legs CBD Cream, your customers will also experience improved moods due to the proven anti-anxiety abilities of CBD. Studies also show that CBD can improve their general mood, making them alert and excited. Now your customers can go about their daily activities and engage in their various workout schedules with a smile on their faces, enjoying the goodness of this premium CBD cream. To crown it all, Dr Kent's Tired Legs CBD Cream contains no THC, so customers don't need to worry about psychoactive effects and will enjoy only the desired cannabinoid effect needed.

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Ingredients: Full-spectrum hemp extract, Horse chestnut extract, Butcher's bromine extract, Methylsulphonylmethane.

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