Cibdol Complete Sleep 2.5% CBD + 5% CBN (30ml)

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The Perfect Sleep Portion
Do you have customers yearning for a way to relieve themselves from the daily stress of work, school, or family? Meet wholesale Cibdol Complete Sleep 2.5% CBD + 5% CBN, the proven sleep and relaxation initiator, and sustainer. A lot of customers engage in stressful tasks that take a huge toll on their well-being. A disadvantageous toll that a Wholesale Cibdol Complete Sleep CBD Oil may help them tackle!

Most times, these disadvantages hinge on the health of the individual. A consequence that drives more concern and need for health improvement products such as cannabis and cannabinoid products. Wholesale Cibdol Complete Sleep 2.5% CBD + 5% CBN is made with lavender and chamomile to help customers overcome sleep problems, especially those in back-breaking jobs or those with mentally draining demands. No one wants to miss out on the great benefits of a good and peaceful night's rest. As negligible as it may seem, having a good sleep goes a long way to boost immunity, and improve mood and memory as much as it releases doses of freshness and renewed will for more work. It also enhances social and emotional intelligence. Do not deny your customers the enjoyment of these useful benefits!

With an attractive gold color, this oil creates a luring look to the bountiful solutions it provides. Night after night, one full dropper of this sleeping oil provides customers with the restoring rest that sleep provides.

From Top Quality Plant and For Top Quality Rest.
This Wholesale Cibdol Complete Sleep CBD Oil is from some of the best cannabis plants, a gift of nature to solve all human concerns. It is made to assist in relieving daily stress and giving a well-deserved rest. It lacks melatonin, customers do not need to worry about common side effects of sleeping products; such as headaches, anxiety, hypotension, and mild tremors. This is an ultimately beneficial sleep supplement for top-quality rest with none of the damning adverse effects. Your customers will sleep sound with nothing to worry about in life and the sleep supplement.

The most important thing for every good health care product is to restore the overall wellbeing of the consumer. This product is effective, safe, and customer-centric! Studies have shown that, as a typical sleep supplement, while helping out with sleep, this product acts in concord to boost immunity. Increased immunity provides a protective shield against germs and reduces the overall risk of diseases. It is a good choice for individuals and families. Prevention is always better than cure.

Each unit of these Wholesale Cibdol Complete Sleep CBD Oil contains a 30ml bottle of a healthy combination of CBD, CBN, chamomile, and lavender. The wholesale price for these Cibdol Sleeping Oils is within international standards for products with such valuable and important quality and effect.

With a bottle of this self-preaching sleep remedy, customers are in luck with the best CBD product for their sleep problems.

MCT oil 92.3%, hemp extract 7.5% (Cannabinol and Cannabidiol), Chamomile Matricaria extract, Lavender extract.

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