CBD oil for a better night's sleep

CBD oil for sleeping: deep sleep thanks to plant power

Do you know that? You're exhausted after a long day at the office, toiling in the garden, or taking care of the house and the kids... you feel like you can sleep for a week. You close your eyes, but then it starts - racing thoughts, worrying and worrying about and then you don't get a night's sleep.

Insomnia overtakes many people and in our busy, perhaps even hurried society, it can be quite difficult to find peace within yourself. Did you know that 63% of the Dutch indicate that they are dissatisfied with their night's sleep?

CBD oil for sleeping to enjoy a better night's sleep

CBD oil is increasingly used to promote sleep. CBD oil for sleeping and to be able to relax more, is getting more and more attention and is nowadays recognized as a true panacea for many complaints, including insomnia and stress.

CBD oil for sleeping and better relaxation: how exactly does that work? CBD oil contains substances that, for many people, ensure that they fall asleep more easily and quickly. It also works as a sedative, which ensures that your thoughts are no longer so 'stimulating'. Logically, when your head relaxes, the body will follow and your night's sleep will increase.

Active substance in cannabis oil: CBD

When you use CBD oil, also known as cannabis oil, for relaxation and a better night's sleep, you can opt for oil or capsules, for example. The main active ingredient in the oil or capsule is CBD. But how exactly? CBD connects to the so-called 'endocannabinoid system'.

It is a system in our body that sends signals to the brain, which then operates as necessary. The endocannabinoid system has a huge impact on both physical and mental health. The special thing about CBD is that this panacea connects to the same receptors: in other words, you could say that it communicates with our system.


Active substance in cannabis oil: CBD

CBD as an aid against stress is often processed into oil or capsules. Where you have to drip oil under your tongue, a capsule with water will be swallowed.

The advantage of cannabis oil is that it is quickly absorbed by the body. In addition, you can easily dose CBD oil. However, not everyone is pleased with the somewhat bitter taste of CBD oil: if that is the case for you, a capsule can be a solution.

Capsules digest more slowly and the body will therefore also react later to the intake of the drug. The advantage of the delayed absorption of CBD is that you will have a longer effect and, unlike CBD oil, you will not have to take it again. With a capsule you will have a constant amount of CBD in your body throughout the night.


CBD as a stress reliever: what works best for you?

There is a lot of information about CBD oil, cannabis oil, THC and how it works. In addition, there are numerous forms and strengths in which you can take CBD. It is of course important to read carefully to know what to expect.

Yet it is at least as important to listen to your body! Only you can decide which form of CBD products is best for you. Because everyone struggles with different imbalances, ailments and diseases, it is important to know that taking CBD oil is a journey of discovery in itself.

So even if you CBD oil for sleeping it is always wise to investigate which amount works well for you. You can follow a strict manual, but it is better to listen to your body and learn what it desires.


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