CBD oil for pets

CBD oil benefits for pets

What has been scientifically proven when it comes to CBD oil for pets? The use of CBD oil in veterinary practice strongly depends on the vet and how he prescribes. The influence of the owner of the pet will certainly have a say in this.

CBD oil benefits for pets, but also the disadvantages

The taste of CBD oil will ensure that your dog or cat will not easily accept the veterinary procedure. Animal studies, and in particular canine studies, have not gone far enough when it comes to using CBD for dogs. But it is clear that we are moving in the right direction.

There are more health benefits associated with using CBD oil for dogs than we initially thought a decade ago, and it's almost certain that even more will be discovered as research continues. If you think your dog could benefit from CBD oil, talk to your vet or a holistic vet.

While some vets are hesitant to recommend CBD treatment, more and more vets are recognizing the undeniable benefits of CBD oil for pets and will approve its use when appropriate. Either way, be sure to consult a professional, and follow a safe dosage when giving CBD to dogs. CBD has many healing properties, but without the "stoned" feeling that THC gives, because it is less psychoactive.

CBD generally comes from plants that are grown for less THC content than those with naturally high levels of THC. When discussing cannabis, it can be specifically bred to have high levels of THC so that the psychoactive effects are greater. This is "beneficial" for those who want to grow cannabis to experience the "high" effects, because the more potent the psychoactive effects of the drug, the more can be sold.

However, when cannabis is not grown specifically for smoking and the THC content is exceptionally low or even absent, the cannabis plant is increasingly used for medicinal applications without the "stoned" effect. What we are talking about here is CBD from hemp for dogs and its uses.

The science of using CBD oil for pets

What is scientifically proven when it comes to CBD oil for pets, and what is not scientifically proven? It is estimated that approximately 1 to 5% of dogs suffer from idiopathic or symptomatic epileptic seizures. CBD can be used to reduce seizure activity in dogs with seizure disorders and epilepsy that do not respond to usual treatment.

CBD is used for resistant seizures of epilepsy in humans and animals with Dravet syndrome, where fever or high temperatures may trigger the seizures. It is therefore scientifically established that it works, also in dogs and cats.

CBD can be used to manage chronic pain due to illness or injury that cannot be treated with traditional methods of pain management in dogs. This has been confirmed in many human and some animal studies, but there is a lack of research in dogs.

And yet, veterinarians have long debated the use of CBD for dogs as a pain reliever. A dog with an abnormal heart rhythm will not be able to take traditional pain-relieving medicines, but the use of CBD for dogs and the application of oil has been proven to relieve pain, while avoiding the cardiovascular effects of narcotics. Its use as a veterinary pain reliever has therefore been established, and that also works.

Clinical studies on CBD use

In clinical studies, CBD has been shown to have a significant impact on pain caused by severe arthritis. The reason this is important is because the pain caused by arthritis doesn't always respond to traditional pain-relieving dog medications. But CBD has a direct effect on arthritis pain by reducing inflammation and soothing pain through its own unique mechanism.

In addition, because statistically most dogs suffering from severe arthritis will be older dogs, the use of traditional pain medications may not be applicable due to the weakness of the heart. CBD does not have the same kind of effect on a dog's heart and is therefore much safer for this high-risk group.

There are several heart health benefits associated with using CBD products for dogs, but most importantly, CBD can improve heart function in dogs with cardiac arrhythmias.

CBD has been proven to act as an antiarrhythmic in animals when administered appropriately. Reducing the number of arrhythmia attacks then reduces the number of pets going into cardiac arrest and improves blood flow to major organs in canines.

CBD for severe bone fractures or severe osteoporosis

CBD is also beneficial for dogs with severe bone fractures or severe osteoporosis. Studies have shown how the use of CBD stimulates the growth of bones after a fracture and also strengthens them when they are affected by osteoporosis. The added anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties of CBD are also positively evaluated in fractures.

Yes, dogs and cats can also suffer from diabetes. CBD may regulate blood sugar, help control appetite and relieve some of the symptoms of diabetes, according to animal and human studies. When used correctly with diabetic dogs or dogs that have difficulty regulating their blood sugar levels, CBD has been shown to have multiple benefits.

In type one diabetes, CBD can regulate the immune system to reduce damage to the pancreas that leads to worsening of diabetes symptoms. In type two diabetes, CBD can also improve insulin sensitivity. The same goes for cats, of course.

This is just a small selection of the large number of veterinary diseases and ailments that CBD oil can help with. Remember that your pet's health is just as important to you as it is to the animal who can't tell you what it feels. That is precisely why it is always necessary to consult a good vet, even if you know for sure what your dog, cat or other pet is suffering from.

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