CBD oil for animals

CBD oil for animals

Did you know that CBD oil can also be used on animals? From treating illnesses to reducing stress: cannabis oil is nowadays increasingly used to support the (mental) health of our four-legged friends. Increasingly improving cannabis oil experiences in animals are growing: and not without reason. The healthy functioning of CBD oil for animals increasingly emphasized.

Cannabis oil experiences in animals: how and when do you use CBD for your pet?

CBD oil for dogs is usually administered in the form of oil. A flavor is often added to the oil, so that the dog or cat will gladly take the oil. If this is not the case, you can mix the oil with the food, or drip it into a piece of minced meat. But when do you decide to administer cannabis oil when it comes to your pet? Your dog or cat does not have to have a specific condition to enjoy the benefits of CBD oil. As a daily supplement, to prevent diseases or to boost the immune system, for example.

CBD oil effect in animals

CBD oil effect in animals: how does that work? Just like humans, dogs have a so-called 'endocannabinoid system'. 'Endo' stands for 'body's own', and this system, which we all have in our bodies, consists of cannabis-like substances, which for this reason interact with the substances in cannabis oil. The endocannabinoid system is responsible for many functions in the body such as appetite, sleep, metabolism and immune response. When these are balanced, your dog or cat will feel flexible, healthy and happy.

Good CBD oil products for animals

A number of factors apply to find a suitable CBD product for your dog or cat. Age, weight and character play a major role. Although a certain standard of dose and strength can be adhered to, not every animal responds to cannabis oil in the same way. The correct dosage is different for every pet. It is therefore important to keep an eye on things and, if desired, to note how your cat or dog reacts to the cannabis oil. When it acts relaxed, but still playful and active, you know you're in the right place. To ensure that you are working with a good CBD product, it is advisable to opt for an organic strain. Weed oil for pets is often offered with a CBD percentage of 2%, 4% or 5%. The 2% variant is normally recommended for animals with a body weight of up to 10 kilos: if your cat or dog is heavier, the 4% or 5% variant may be a better choice.

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